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On the Ground: Collaboration and Communication at the WVYC Radio Station


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On the Ground: Collaboration and Communication at the WVYC Radio Station

October 06, 2022

At first glance, York College of Pennsylvania may look like a typical campus in a typical college town—but look a little closer, and you’ll discover a community full of hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems. In our On the Ground series, we explore some of YCP’s most memorable places and spaces with help from our own Spartan students.

Alex Merritt ’24 greatly values the WVYC-FM radio station at York College—so much so that they enjoy sharing their appreciation with others.

“It's really welcoming and it's very collaborative,” Alex explains. “We like to work together to maintain the station and also come up with new ways to introduce the station to people around campus as well as outside of campus.” 

Alex is the Underwriting Director, handling public relations and outside communications with local businesses for the station. Now a Professional Writing major, they initially came to YCP for Music, and learned about the radio station during an Involvement Fair.

“I didn't know that we had a radio station, and I thought it would be interesting to try because I think doing radio is pretty cool,” they say. “And so, once I joined, the members at the time told me that I was able to have my own radio show, and could have free access to the studios and everything. I was convinced to sign up—it's pretty intriguing.” 

The station, which airs content 24/7 and is on the top floor of the Iosue Student Union, is “open-ended,” according to Alex. Students can use it to fulfill their own interests in audio and technology.

“It’s a way for people to connect, and it's pretty much up to the members regarding how they want to utilize the studio,” they say.

There are also classes for students who want to learn how to use the radio and audio equipment. Alex is interested in writing for radio. “I took one of the Radio Practicums and I learned how to write newscasts, such as breaking news, and then how to record those on-air." 

Their favorite part of being at the station is the collaboration that occurs among community members, as well as the hands-on opportunities it affords.

“I am in charge of public relations, but I still have to collaborate with Jeff Schiffman, our Station Manager, who oversees everything. So, there's a lot of communication happening,” they say. “My favorite part is how hands-on it is. Since we're an actual radio station that's always on air, students have the ability to go in and actually get their hands on equipment that's being used in the industry.”

Alex encourages anyone interested in the station and what it provides to join.

“For anybody who may be curious about the station, even if they're not super passionate about radio or they honestly just want to know more about it—anybody is free to join,” they say. “You don't have to have any experience with anything. If you have the slightest interest, we welcome you to join because it's all about learning and about teaching each other. It’s about getting the experience and just reaching outside of the box and trying something new.”


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