Six members of the Student Senate, dressed in colorful shirts, pose behind the Student Senate table at the Fall Fest. On the table an assortment of souvenirs - pens, buttons, water bottles and others - are laid out for visitors.

The governing body for students and a fantastic way to gain leadership skills for Senate members.

The Student Senate is the embodiment of the student body voice. We oversee and fund all of the student-run clubs and organizations on campus, help lead change on campus, and provide a unique system of government to address student concerns. Among our duties, we meet with administrators to make sure students' views are represented in the college's decision-making. We also use our Campus Activities Board branch to help provide the best possible experience while you're at York College.

Any student who pays the activity fee is automatically a member of the Student Association. That means you can attend our meetings or bring up issues for us to consider — we work best when we hear feedback! Our weekly Association Meetings are Mondays at 5 p.m. in the William Walker Room in the Student Union (lower level). The YCP Student Senate is divided into three separate categories including the Executive Board, Executive Cabinet and General Senate. If you have ambitions of working in leadership or governmental positions, or want a great career-building experience, consider getting involved with Senate.