Spring on the York College campus

Physical Security at York College of Pennsylvania

Traditional lock & key as well as card access

The Department of Campus Safety (DCS) provides traditional lock & key as well as access control services to the College community.

DCS is responsible for maintaining the College's key control system and authorizing the dissemination of keys. 

*Keys to residence halls are issued and managed by the Residence Life office. Any questions or concerns regarding residence hall keys should be directed to them.

Issued keys are the property of York College and may be recovered at any time. Unauthorized fabrication, duplication, possession of, or use of keys to facilities of York College is a violation of the key policy and is subject to disciplinary action.

DCS also provides ID card services to students, faculty, and staff, which includes printing cards and programming access for use in College facilities on campus.

Students who are new to York College can submit a photo for use on their ID cards. If approved, the card will be printed and provided to them during orientation in the Fall.

locksmith holding keys
  • Quick Notes regarding Key Requests

    To review the College's Key Policy in full, please click on the green button above labeled Key Control Policy and Request Form.

    Those seeking a key to any College-owned, leased, or rented facility, office, or equipment (including desks, cabinets, etc.) must fill out the "Key Request Form," which can be found on the last page of the College's Key Policy. The form must be filled out accurately and completely and must be signed by the appropriate key signatory (refer to the types of key authorization required) and the party requesting the key prior to submitting the form to Campus Safety. Unsigned forms will be returned to the sender.

    • All persons issued York College keys shall, at all times, be held responsible and accountable for their keys and shall not transfer or loan their keys to another individual.
    • All personnel who are issued keys by the College are required to return all keys prior to the completion of their employment. Keys will be dropped off at the Campus Safety office during business hours.

    Lost or Stolen Keys

    • Lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to Campus Safety (ext. 1403).
      • An incident report will be generated documenting the circumstances of the loss.  You will be required to complete the Lost Key Report Form and a new Key Control Policy and Request Form.
      • Replacement keys will not be issued unless an incident report has been completed.
      • Replacement keys take two weeks to be cut and made available for issuance.
    Lost Key Charges
    Lost key charges are as follows:
    Great Grand Master $200

    Building Master

    Interior/Exterior Master 

    Department or Lab Master $100
    Single Lock or Building Entrance $50
    Other Keys At cost
    Lock Core plus labor charges At cost

    NOTE: Lost key charges will be refunded if keys are found and turned in to the Campus Safety office within 30 days after being reported lost.

    If the lock-core must be changed for security reasons, actual costs of re-keying will be determined by the campus locksmith and the cost may be charged to the department originally authorizing the keys and/or the individual to whom the keys were issued.

    A request to have the lock-core changed can be initiated by a Vice President, Dean, or Department Chair after consultation with the locksmith and the Director of Campus Safety.



  • Type of Key Authorization Required

    Who is the key signatory?

    Key Type Signatory
    Room, Office, or Office Suite Department Head or Director
    Department, Classroom, or Lab Master Department Head or Director
    Building Master Vice President or Asst. Vice President
    Great Grand Master College President or Vice President
    Other keys not described above Department Head or Director

    As a general rule, the distribution of grand master, interior master, exterior master, and building master keys should be highly restricted. Master keys will only be distributed upon the writen approval of the Vice President or Dean responsible for that area.

    All requests for master keys will be reviewed by the Department of Campus Safety to ensure that proper security protocols are followed. At no time will a master key be issued whenever the issuance of such a key is determined to compromise the safety and security of the community.

  • Access Control

    The card is a dual-technology, multi-purpose card (proximity and magnetic stripe) and is used for identification, access control, library services, and retail.  The card is often referred to on campus as your 'Flex Card.'

    Lost or damaged ID cards may be replaced at the Campus Safety office or by submitting a Replacement ID Card Request online.

    There is a $20 replacement fee which will be billed to your account with the Business Office; we do not accept payments at the Campus Safety office.

    Lost ID cards may be disabled by managing your card at York Flex Card Online.

    • Please note that disabling your card online does not affect access control programming on your card. You must contact the Campus Safety office in order to have your card disabled.

    Access features for cards and facilities are managed by the office staff.

    • Campus residents will only have access to their residence hall or dorm.
    • Access to academic facilities or areas is added at the request of the academic departments only.
      • Requests by students will not be honored.