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Music, B.S. (with Studies in Music Industry & Recording Technology)

Music production, business, and promotion at your fingertips, from working on a student record company to multi-track audio production technique.

With your knowledge of industry, culture, and the arts, take your musicianship and business savvy into a career as a music industry professional. Discover how to lay audio tracks, promote an album, understand royalties and copyrights, and develop as an artist. If you have ambitions of working on a record label, producing your own music, or promoting artists, our Bachelor of Science degree in Music, with studies in music industry & recording technology is ideal.

With expert faculty guiding you, we’ll prepare you for a wide array of opportunities in the music world; a world-class advisory board of noteworthy and legendary music professionals add a mentoring touch. How do we prepare you for your dream career? First, it’s by honing your skills as an outstanding, well-rounded musician. You’ll use your musicianship to enhance and complement your understanding of music production, business, and promotion. Internships, the student rock band, and the student record company enhance the experience.

Want to take the first, important step in a lifelong career in music? Audition to enroll in our music program! It’s a requirement for admission.

Students interested in pursuing graduate education in the music industry may also choose to continue on with York College's Master of Arts in Entertainment Marketing and Production.

With music production, business, and promotion at your fingertips, the Music Industry/Recording Technology program prepares students for a rewarding career. Download a transcript of this video.
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At York College, you'll have a professional advisory board to help give you career insight, and you'll have excellent opportunities to get hands-on experience.

Music Industry/Recording TechnologyYour future in

If you are considering a career in the music industry, you may not be aware of the variety of music professions available to you and the opportunities they present. You can go into a career creating sound effects, writing about music as a journalist, being a music director for a television program and so much more. Just take a look at possible career options:
  • Audio or Music Producer, Performing Musician
  • Live Sound Producer, Music Licensing Specialist
  • Talent Agent/Manager, Composer
  • Audio for Video Producer, Arranger
  • Radio Music Director, Audio Developer for Games

York Music Group

The hub for the central Pennsylvania and York College music scene, this program allows students to learn through hands-on experience in the studio by showcasing and producing the best music in central Pennsylvania.
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