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Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate

Complete an ABAI-verified course sequence and required fieldwork in a convenient post-master’s online certificate program.

York College of Pennsylvania’s online Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate program is a graduate certificate that prepares students for careers as professional behavior therapists and for BCBA certification in less time than a full graduate degree program.

Our convenient and flexible online ABA certificate program has been approved as a Verified Course Sequence (VCS) by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), meaning students who hold a previous master’s degree, complete the program, and document requisite field supervision hours are eligible to sit for the certification exam through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

Working professionals can stay in their current roles, completing their field supervision entirely or partially through their employer, while students new to the ABA profession can pursue the necessary fieldwork for BCBA certification through internship practicum placements.

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About the Online ABA Certificate Leading to BCBA Certification

  • Key Courses

    Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate Curriculum and Requirements

    The curriculum of the 21-credit online ABA graduate certificate program through York College introduces you to each topic, theory, and method you need to know to successfully sit for the BCBA certification exam and apply for BCBA credentials.

    Seven courses are required for completion of the ABA graduate certificate. The online certificate program can also include internship courses that help students document supervised work experience as needed to qualify to sit for the BCBA exam and pursue certification.

    To enroll in this program, you must have a graduate degree. If you don’t hold a master’s degree, check out our online Master of Education in ABA leading to BCBA certification.

    Prepare for BCBA Certification Online With ABAI-Verified Course Sequence

    Completing the ABAI Verified Course Sequence gets you one step closer to BCBA certification. In the certificate program, you will take courses taught by expert faculty, including:

    • ABA 640: Foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis
    • ABA 643: Behavior Assessment
    • ABA 644: Providing ABA Treatment
    • ABA 645: ABA Management and Programming

    Convenient and engaging online courses encourage students in the ABA certificate program to participate in live interaction and discussion and complete their coursework and optional field requirements at their convenience.

    Fulfill Supervised Fieldwork Requirements Your Way

    Complete the supervised practicum hours you need for BCBA certification in two flexible ways, through either:

    • Your current place of employment in the mental health or behavioral field
    • Internship placement at local mental health organizations

    For those with access to fieldwork supervision through their place of employment, the certificate’s seven courses may be pursued alone. While up to four internship courses (up to 2,000 supervised hours) are available for students with no experience, students with some experience may only need to complete less than four practicums in addition to the Verified Course Sequence.

    Online ABA Certificate Financial Aid and Admissions

    Students who are enrolled in a minimum of five credits per semester (three in the summer) may be eligible to receive federal funding to manage the cost of the online graduate certificate in ABA.

    To learn more about financial aid, steps to enroll in the certificate program, and application materials, review the Graduate and Professional Programs admissions process.

    Pursue BCBA Certification Online With York College of Pennsylvania’s ABA Graduate Certificate

    Confidently prepare for BCBA certification online with York College of Pennsylvania’s Applied Behavior Analysis graduate certificate program. With just 21 required credits and tailored practicum experiences, ABA professionals benefit from positive career outcomes and pursue certification as Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

    York’s online programs offer a supportive and driven place to gain the credentials you need to get closer to your future.

    Request information about the online ABA graduate certificate, or begin your application.

  • Career Opportunities & Benefits

    Pursue Advanced Careers in Mental Health, Special Education, and Behavioral Therapy

    Graduate education in ABA and/or BCBA certification are typically prerequisites for holding advanced practitioner roles such as analyst or ABA therapist and roles supervising and directing other analysts, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs), or Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs).

    Certified Behavior Analysts represent an increasingly in-demand profession that involves working in mental health agencies, schools, healthcare facilities, and other organizations to deploy evidence-based techniques that help clients with developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) engage in healthy, productive, and socially-significant behaviors. 

    Pursuing the online ABA certificate at York empowers graduates to become better practitioners and successful advocates for the field, demonstrating advanced training and opening opportunities in:

    • Consulting
    • Program evaluation
    • Community education

    If you already work in education, social work, or clinical mental health, the ABA certificate online program and successfully applying for credentialing as a BCBA can further your career in your niche and help you make a difference in the lives of various vulnerable populations.

    BCBA Certification Program Salaries

    Becoming a BCBA opens opportunities for roles with increased salary ranges as compared to RBTs, BCaBAs, and other roles. Professional BCBAs, according to ZipRecruiter, make an average annual salary of $75,910, with top earners with the most experience reporting salaries up to $104,000 annually.

    After gaining experience as a certified behavior analyst, your knowledge and abilities may qualify you to pursue further career advancement to more roles with rewarding annual salaries, including municipal or nonprofit community program management, clinical supervision or direction, and more.

  • Internships & Work Experience

    Complete Any Supervised Field Hours Needed for Professional Licensure

    For students who wish to complete BCBA-supervised field hours as part of the online certificate program, completion of up to four three-credit supervised internship courses will merit the 2,000 necessary clock hours required by ABAI.

    If you currently work in a work environment with access to BCBAs, York can assist you in completing some or all supervised fieldwork in your current workplace. We also place students in local mental health agency settings to work under individual and group supervision and meet experiential requirements.

    Available in fall, spring, and summer semesters, the supervised fieldwork practicums connect students and working professionals to new experiences designing and executing behavioral assessments and management plans for BCBA field credit.

  • Mentorship & Community

    Course Sequence Taught by Expert Faculty

    Our ABAI-approved course sequence is taught in dynamic online coursework by York’s distinguished faculty. Through multiple accessible online communication channels, dedicated and respected industry leaders, as your professors, will answer any content-related questions you may have and provide guidance on your professional journey.

    Local Partnerships in Mental Health and Education

    Our long-established ties to local mental health facilities and experts across the Mid-Atlantic region provide all students, including online certificate students, with unrivaled opportunities to engage in opportunities to create change and expand their professional network to include experts and influential leaders in the field.

    York’s Center for Community Engagement exemplifies the dedication to our students and our communities, which extends to empowering our online students to engage in community-based learning in their areas.

  • High-Demand Skills

    Demonstrate Advanced Training in Applied Behavior Analysis

    Graduates of the post-master’s online ABA certificate program are versed in the foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis, how to directly treat individuals with developmental disabilities, and how to administrate typical work environments associated with mental health and behavioral therapy.

    The program addresses and provides hands-on practice in the following career-ready skills:

    • How to understand and leverage the latest scientific research in behavioral treatment plans
    • Effective and informed research design and methodology focusing on measurement methods, data collection strategies, and data visualization
    • Assessment of socially significant behavior, including how to interpret the data of behavioral assessments including functional assessments and functional analyses
    • Development of individualized and research-backed plans for intervention and improvement
    • Implementation tactics applicable to a variety of work environments from educational settings to clinical settings
    • Ethical and empathetic approaches to behavioral therapy and intervention
    • Supervision and management of ABA programming and evaluation/analytical services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this post-master’s graduate certificate help me become a BCBA?

    The ABA graduate certificate prepares students to sit for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) certification exam and meet the coursework and fieldwork requirements necessary to apply for the certification. Taking the BACB exam is not a requirement of the graduate certificate program, so while there are steps including the examination that you’ll need to complete after the ABA certificate, it is certainly an essential step in the process.

    To meet the requirements to apply for certification, the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) requires the completion of academic content through either a master’s degree or a Verified Course Sequence at an approved institution. If you already hold a master’s degree and want to complete the BCBA course sequence, pursuing this certificate alone is the shortest and most comprehensive pathway to passing the BCBA exam and applying for certification.

  • How long does it take to become a BCBA?

    The length of time to become a certified behavior analyst or ABA therapist is dependent upon the various certification and licensure requirements in your location. Additionally, your level of education and work experience may impact your particular timeline. You may need to pursue supervised field experience before submitting your BCBA application materials and sitting for the exam; you may need to pursue a full master’s program or, if you already hold a related master’s degree, pursue just a Verified Course Sequence program approved by an ABA credentialing body.

    This particular ABA graduate certificate consists of seven core courses, which may be pursued part time and completed in around one year including the summer semester. If practicum experiences are needed, depending on your personal and professional obligations or ability to use your employment as your supervised fieldwork component, that may affect the time it takes to complete the ABA certificate program.

  • Is earning an ABA certificate worth it?

    In the fields of Applied Behavior Analysis, special education, and mental health, holding a post-master’s certificate in ABA content areas from an accredited institution demonstrates a dedication to the field and an advanced level of specialized knowledge. It’s also a way to complete the academic and experiential requirements to become a BCBA. Pursuing the ABA certificate alone is certainly valuable for any individual seeking career advancement in ABA and related fields.

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