Spring on the York College campus

York College Honors Community

The future is yours to build.

Students in the York College Honors Community want to make their mark on the world — and they’re ready to start now. As members of a highly motivated, caring, and supportive community, these Spartans are working together to turn “what if?” into “we can.” 

The Honors Community has two types of programs:

  • Fellowships
  • Engaged Scholar Programs

Within these categories, there are a variety of smaller cohorts, each focused on a different area of impact. Students begin by choosing a program that aligns with their goals, interests, and talents. From there, they work with ambitious classmates and a deeply engaged group of faculty to pursue meaningful, impactful projects.

In the Honors Community, you’ll tackle real-world problems and explore innovative solutions. You’ll work with people throughout the College, as well as the greater York community. In short, you’ll become a leader. And we can’t wait to see what you achieve.

A small group of students look at papers taped to a window during a design thinking exercise.
Principles of design thinking are central to the York College Honors Community. Students often participate in design thinking exercises to assist with new projects and problem-solving initiatives.


Our fellowship programs empower students to design their own extraordinary lives. You'll have access to resources that support you in pursuing innovative ideas, making real achievements, and establishing a record of success to help launch a remarkable future career. Available fellowships include:
  • Presidential Research Fellows
  • Graham Collaborative Innovation Fellows
Ileen in front of brick wall

Engaged Scholar Programs

These programs share a deep commitment to servant leadership on campus, in the community, and throughout students' lives. As a scholar, you'll be able to advance your career and build valuable skills. To complement your growth as a leader, you'll also have opportunities to pursue global learning experiences (including international and domestic travel grants), attend special events, and take your studies beyond the classroom with projects you're passionate about.
  • Eisenhart Community Scholars
  • Gordon Leadership Scholars
  • DelliCarpini Community Art Scholars
  • Hope Scholars

Honors Community Programs

  • Presidential Research Fellows

    The Presidential Research Fellows receive a full four-year scholarship covering tuition and fees. Over the course of four years, they develop a mentored research project that may lead to publication or presentation of their findings. Their research experience may also provide valuable support for applications to graduate school, medical school, or other ongoing education — as well as deep knowledge of their chosen field as they begin their careers. 

    Learn more about the Presidential Research Fellows

  • Graham Collaborative Innovation Fellows

    The Graham Collaborative Innovation Fellowship is designed for makers and doers, those who learn best by hands-on projects and want to be global leaders. The program provides Fellows with financial and other resources to launch their careers. Students receive: 

    • One fully funded trip abroad (with the potential for multiple funded trips!)
    • Access to thousands of dollars in available grants for summer work or research experiences, seed money for business start-ups, networking experiences, special co-curricular trainings, and/or innovation efforts in a student's chosen field of work. This allows students to build a strong résumé before they graduate. 
    • Access to the Graham Innovation Zone, a 24/7 maker space built for innovators. Leadership opportunities are also available within the Graham Innovation Zone. 
    • Access to a network of mentors who can provide work experiences, guidance, and career support.
    • Individualized attention and mentorship from Graham Advisors who help students attain personal and professional success. 
    • A select number of fellowships are reserved for business majors as part of the Graham School of Business Honors Program

    Students in this program have used its financial and human resources to start their own companies, find their way into top-level internships across the country, obtain funded entry to top-tier graduate and medical programs, and launch successful careers.

    Learn more about the Graham Collaborative Innovation Fellows.

  • Eisenhart Community Scholars

    The Eisenhart Community Scholars are dedicated to leading service efforts that build a better community. Scholars receive a $20,000 scholarship ($5,000/year) and have the opportunity to exercise skills in leadership, teamwork, and community-building.

    As part of the program, students work in teams to bring about real change in our communities. Their efforts make a positive impact in the lives of others, and their experiences show future employers a wealth of professional value. As part of the Honors Community, they also have the opportunity to apply for global travel, research, and other grants to advance their work.

    Learn more about the Eisenhart Community Scholars.

  • Gordon Leadership Scholars

    Gordon Leadership Scholars receive a $12,000 scholarship ($3,000/year), as well as the opportunity to learn more about — and exercise the principles of — the Jewish culture. This tight-knit group of scholars act as leaders on campus and in the community, promoting core values of intercultural understanding, service, and community engagement. The program also provides four years of co-curricular experiences to strengthen each scholar's understanding of leadership through a Jewish lens, with each year concentrating on a different aspect of leadership growth.

    The Doris and Bernard Gordon Center for Jewish Student Life provides a comfortable, dedicated space for activities and celebrations related to Jewish culture. As part of the Honors Community, Gordon Leadership Scholars also have the opportunity to apply for global travel, research, and other grants to advance their work.

    Learn more about the Gordon Leadership Scholars.

  • DelliCarpini Community Art Scholars

    DelliCarpini Community Art Scholars receive a $20,000 scholarship ($5,000/year). Scholars explore a wide array of experiences focused on identifying a career among other "creatives" — one of the most important segments of our economy. These students are provided with opportunities to hone their artistic skills and gain valuable work experience in York College's Marketview Arts, located in Downtown York.

    At Marketview, they learn skills related to management of an arts facility, curating shows, developing arts-related events, and supporting the local community through the arts. DelliCarpini Community Art Scholars have made an impact as part of York's Art District, and have translated their experiences into many career fields that value creativity and design. As part of the Honors Community, they also have the opportunity to apply for global travel, research, and other grants to advance their work.

    Learn more about the DelliCarpini Community Art Scholars.

  • Hope Scholars

    Hope Scholars are chosen from a group of first-year students who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program (YCCOSP) and/or York College Changemakers. Some of our most active and involved students, these scholars take part in experiences that help them grow intercultural, leadership, and project management skills. As part of the Honors Community, they also have the opportunity to apply for global travel, research, and other grants to advance their work. 

    Hope Scholars value the privilege of their own educational opportunities, and share with others in need. Their mission is to provide both hope and tools to assist vulnerable populations in achieving rich lives. They are committed to supporting those who have been held back by poverty and other inequities, and strive to build better communities with a special focus on providing equitable educational opportunities to the youth of York. 

    Through programs like Generations of Hope, this group of dedicated students become leaders with a demonstrated ability to make a difference for their campus, community, and future employers.

    Learn more about the Hope Scholars.

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