A professor speaks to a group of students sitting in the film viewing room with black and white film on the screen over his shoulder.

Graphic Design

Are you fascinated by design?

Do you appreciate or strive to create visual statements? Whether your goal is to work in print or digital media, York College's Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design may be the right fit for you.

Each day, you are surrounded by graphic design:

  • websites
  • advertising
  • magazines
  • books
  • apps
  • product packaging
  • visual identity guidelines for business and organizations

Graphic designers help shape, communicate and influence ideas visually.

Through the BFA in Graphic Design at York College, you'll learn not only about the tools and techniques, both traditional and digital, necessary to make your ideas come to life, but also the ways in which your work relates to our culture and society. You'll start gaining hands-on experience from day one, with foundations in graphic design, manual and digital craft, and drawing. The opportunities are endless as a graphic design student. From internships and the AIGA student group to entering your work in exhibitions on campus, the opportunities outside the studio are endless.  

We believe that practice makes perfectwhich is why you will build a portfolio of work to prepare to enter the marketplace with professional skills and an industry-recognized BFA degree.

You'll constantly be creating and working with expert faculty as a Graphic Design major. Download a transcript of this video.

Why York?

Professor Clay-Robison demonstrates a technique to fine art students at York College
Individualized Attention
We don't just support individuality, we foster it and champion it in our students. With a cap of 10 in most studio courses, you'll receive the kind of one-on-one feedback and assistance from faculty that will help you succeed.
Professor Mel Rodgers works with student in lettering class.
Expert Faculty
You'll be advised by Graphic Design faculty members who know you, support you and follow you throughout your four years at YCP. They not only help you with your semester schedule but with internships, professional advice and job searches.
Students stand in front of Duomo di Milano.
Study Abroad Opportunities
In partnership with NABA (Nuovo Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan, Italy, one of the world's top design cities. You'll study graphic design in the spring semester of your junior year, and the courses fit seamlessly into your progression back at York.
Students gather in art studio in Wolf Hall.
AIGA Student Group
The American Institute of the Graphic Arts (AIGA) Student Group focuses on professional development, networking for internships and jobs, events and conferences. Members' portfolios are included in AIGA's national portfolio database, as well as having access to exclusive job listings.
Exhibition Opportunities
Each year you'll qualify to enter the Annual Juried Student Graphic Design or Fine Art exhibition, and have your work selected by national known visiting artists. As a senior, you'll be part of the Senior Graphic Design Exhibition and 20-20 talks.
Graphic Design Billboard/Testimonial
"Each student designer uses their graphic design skill in a unique and expressive way. Employers are looking for that kind of creativity, and I love seeing so many of our grads make their voices heard out in the world. "
Melanie Rodgers, MFA
Associate Professor, Graphic Design