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Academic Advisors

Everything you need to know about the academic advising relationship.

An advisor kneels beside a student at a computer lab desk, helping him go over paperwork during registration.

Who is My Academic Advisor?

Like having a coach in your corner, your academic advisor is specifically assigned to you to give you advice and guidance every step of the way.

We pair every student with an advisor based on the student’s chosen major; undeclared students work with professional advisors. But what makes the partnership work goes way beyond just having a staff member available. The responsibility is on you to meet academic requirements for graduation — your advisor can help you with decision-making, but you’ll need to follow through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advisors are able to discuss anything from “What class should I take?” to “I want to land this kind of job. What do I need to do to make that happen?” Take advantage of the short- and long-term strategy talk.

Office hours are listed on the doors of each faculty member. You can also make an appointment. Be sure to keep appointment dates! Respecting your advisor’s time is crucial.

Be willing to listen to your advisor’s suggestions. They can help with study habits, time management, academic progress, and a myriad of other things that you may struggle with as a student. And have a realistic credit load in mind when you work with your advisor on a schedule. Overdoing it won’t help your academic success.


Contact the Academic Advising Center at 717.815.1531 or to set up an appointment

To confirm your advisor assignment, log on to YCPWeb, click on Student Services, and locate your transcript. The name of the advisor is listed on the top. To confirm the advisor’s office location, use the Faculty and Staff Directory.