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Hospitality and Tourism Management

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic tourism region.

Hospitality is a wide-ranging and constantly evolving industry with global reach. Whether you’re interested in catering and beverage distribution, theme parks, cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, or anything in between—York College’s Hospitality and Tourism Management degree program will prepare you to be a leader in your field.

York College of Pennsylvania is located within driving distance of Philadelphia; New York; Washington, DC; Baltimore, Gettysburg, PA; Hershey, PA; Pittsburgh; and the Poconos. As a YCP Hospitality and Tourism major, you’ll be surrounded by some of the country’s biggest hospitality industry employers.

You’ll learn by doing as you work on real-world projects with local organizations and complete internships to take your knowledge beyond the classroom. At York College, you’ll find a supportive, close-knit community that cares about your success, all while being surrounded by the many opportunities of a major metropolitan area.

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Majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • Key Courses

    Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses

    Our bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management allows you to explore a variety of required and elective courses. Your schedule for the Hospitality major will include classes like:

    • HSP 230: Leadership in the Hospitality Industry
    • HSP 260: Club Management
    • HSP 300: Food and Beverage Management
    • CM 324: Public Relations Events and Promotions
    • HSP 330: Global Topics 1 - Transportation and Tourism
    • HSP 365: International Cuisine and Culture
    • HSP 470: Lodging Management

    4+1 Graduate Degree Opportunities

    As a major in Hospitality and Tourism Management, you may also choose to pursue a 4+1 program during your time at York College. This option allows you to complete both a B.A. in Hospitality and Tourism Management and an M.A. in Strategic Leadership and Management in as few as five years.

  • Career Opportunities & Benefits

    Careers in Hospitality and Tourism Management

    A degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management opens up a wealth of job opportunities in the tourism industry. Potential careers include:

    • Hotel general manager
    • Event planner
    • Catering manager
    • Concierge
    • Conference organizer
    • Tour guide
    • Front office manager
    • Restaurant manager

    Hospitality and Tourism Salary

    As a hospitality professional, your salary will vary depending on your location, role, level of experience, and specific industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), lodging managers and food service managers earn an average salary of approximately $59,000 per year. The highest ten percent of earners in those fields can make annual wages of $100,000 or more.

    Benefits of Earning a Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree

    Many hospitality jobs are projecting higher-than-average growth over the next several years. In addition to in-demand roles in food service management and similar occupations, BLS data shows that meeting, convention, and event planner jobs are trending toward 18% growth in this decade.

    Graduates of the Hospitality and Tourism Management program will find their skill sets applicable not only in the United States, but also internationally. Professionals who are interested in travel, living abroad, or working in cross-cultural environments often find careers in hospitality and tourism to be especially rewarding.

    Hospitality and Tourism Management majors at York College have the further benefit of readily available Study Abroad opportunities. YCP students have earned academic credit while traveling to destinations around the world, including Austria, Italy, and Spain. 

  • Internships & Work Experience

    Hospitality Internships and Work Experience

    Project-based learning is the heart of York College’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program. You’ll take on real-world projects for local organizations and businesses, putting your knowledge to work. 

    Over the past few years, many YCP students have made meaningful contributions to the revitalization of the historic Yorktowne Hotel in downtown York. They’ve earned academic credit working side by side with professionals in hotel operations, architecture, marketing, and more to bring the 11-story, 100-year-old landmark back to life. 

    Students majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management are also required to complete a series of summer work experiences. These résumé-building opportunities are guided by dedicated faculty and allow students to explore various facets of the hospitality industry.

  • Mentorship & Community

    Mentorship & Community

    The York College experience extends far beyond the classroom. Strong communities are often formed within majors and other academic groups. Additionally, YCP offers over 100 student clubs and organizations, along with club sports and a variety of campus recreation activities.

    Many students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management degree program choose to join the Hospitality Society, a student-run organization that focuses on providing networking opportunities both on- and off-campus. Those who excel academically may also participate in Eta Sigma Delta, the international honor society for hospitality industry majors.

  • High-Demand Skills

    Hospitality Skills and Requirements

    Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management will prepare you for a variety of roles within the industry. You may find yourself working in a restaurant, a hotel, a casino, or an airport. You could even work on a cruise ship or in a gourmet kitchen! 

    Your area of specialization will depend on personal preference—but no matter which type of workplace you choose, you’ll require a few core skills and traits. If you want to thrive in a hospitality career, you will likely need to:

    • Enjoy working with people
    • Stay organized and adhere to deadlines
    • Think critically and solve problems creatively
    • Practice leadership and management skills
    • Work well in a collaborative environment

    Best Minors for Hospitality and Tourism Management

    York College has a variety of minor programs available for those who would like to further tailor their education to their personal and professional goals. As a Hospitality and Tourism Management major, you may consider one of the following minors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is York College a good location for this major?

    York, Pennsylvania is centrally located near a number of major metropolitan areas and popular tourist destinations. The College is just a one-hour drive from Baltimore; two hours from Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia; and 3.5 hours from New York, Pittsburgh, and Richmond. 

    A number of high-profile hospitality companies are headquartered in the region, including Marriott International, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Choice Hotels International, ARAMARK, and Wyndham Worldwide.

  • How will a major in Hospitality and Tourism Management prepare students for work in this field?

    Hospitality and Tourism Management majors learn a broad range of professional skills, including communication, critical thinking, and a variety of business concepts—and at York College, they’re able to practice those skills beyond the classroom. Hands-on projects with real companies and organizations provide résumé-building experience long before graduation day. Internships offer opportunities to network and explore the many different specialities within the hospitality industry. And through it all, students have the support of expert faculty and a close-knit community of peers.

  • What types of careers are available to students who major in Hospitality and Tourism Management?

    Holding a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management qualifies you for roles in a variety of workplaces. Students often go on to work in hotels, restaurants, or theme parks. Some work in food and beverage management; others supervise front desks and staff. You may choose to plan events or work for a convention center, or even travel the world as a tour guide or a manager on a cruise ship. Hospitality and tourism roles are located throughout the United States and often include opportunities for working or living abroad.

  • Are there travel opportunities for jobs in hospitality?

    The hospitality and tourism industry provides services to customers around the world. Moreover, North American hospitality companies often seek to expand their brands and operations into international markets. This means that hospitality professionals often have opportunities for both domestic and international travel. 

    To prepare students for future careers in cross-cultural workplaces, York College’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program promotes global understanding through classroom learning and Study Abroad opportunities.

  • Do you need a degree to work in Hospitality and Tourism Management?

    The majority of jobs in the hospitality and tourism industries—and especially management positions—require a college degree and/or a high school diploma and several years of experience in a related field. Hospitality is a complex business, requiring professionals who are well versed in critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving, along with training in fundamental business principles. 

    Graduates of York College’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program often assume leadership responsibilities and challenging management positions. These professionals benefit from the specialized education and networking opportunities made available through a comprehensive bachelor’s degree experience.

Program Requirements

Required Courses and Degree Requirements for Graduation
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