Student teaching through the York College education program

Early Elementary/Special Education

A teacher who can help young students flourish — especially those with special needs.

Education today revolves around inclusion and diversity. Classrooms are full of students with a wide range of needs, and an elementary school teacher must be able to adapt and help children excel. In this dual major, you’ll learn classroom management and all the best practices of shaping young minds, as well as gain knowledge and skills about students with special needs and English Language Learners. The result? You’re a more effective and well-rounded (and also more employable) teacher.

We use dozens of hours of field experience as well as student teaching to get you hands-on training, as well as instruction by caring faculty who will help you feel ready to take on the challenge of leading a classroom. This degree prepares students for professional teacher certification in both general education (PreK-grade 4) and special education (PreK-grade 8).

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Middle Level/Special Education degree at York College of Pennsylvania

Early Elementary/Special EducationYour future in

Our graduates have gone on to work for public and private schools such as Baltimore County Public Schools, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12, St. James Child Care Center and York City School District.
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